Services start @7pm on most Saturdays. We notify guest and our Youth the week before whether there will be a Youth Gathering at church or maybe at a different location.

We use Facebook to contact the youth so if you would like to become part of our Youth contact Mark Gaydarzhi at 509-362-1994 by phone call/text for more details.

More Info: Age group 13-21(approximately)
Size of our Youth: 10-20 in a given service may attend.
Goal: To offer a chance for the Youth to fellowship in order to grow friendships and teaching the importance of prayer and understand the Word of God.
Cost: Free, we are supported by our Church and if you want to support us, donate today (Donation Link found in the menu to the right →).
Leaders: We currently are lead by Mark Gaydarzhi with the support of Pastor Petr Gaydarzhi.
Location: Spokane God’s Embassy Church