Are you looking to join a church, more importantly do you want to be a part of a church? Where you are not simply coming to listen to a sermon and go home but to become part of the ministry for God. Even if you are teen or a young adult we encourage and welcome you to serve in the ministry. 

Opportunity includes:

Credit to Center Of Live Worship, Thank you for joining us last Anniversary to play in the youth conference.

Worship team (Sing, play Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums and Piano), Sound Engineering, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Website coding, Youth Organizer or leader, Event Planner and much more.

The best time of a Teenagers Life is when they find their sense of purpose for their lives. However, building one’s own character through work, studies and experience is what helps them accomplish purpose.

“I offer volunteer opportunity to the youth because all my teenage years I have served  as a sound engineer. I began young but the task taught me to take responsibility, be consistent, work hard and many other characters traits before many of my peers learned the same and now I lead the youth as the current Youth Pastor. I may be young but I was 13 years old as a sound engineer and learned that cultural standards and mentality have no logic behind them and should be ignored when they prevent young people to serve when God is calling them.” – Mark Gaydarzhi

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