Sunday Service 8/18/2013 (Rus/Eng)(Audio)

Sunday Service 8/18/2013 The Word of God Restores and Brings Life into your Soul   Worship     Service Service part 1 Service part 2 

Sunday Service 8/11/2013 (Rus/Eng)(Audio)

Sunday Service 8/11/13                                The Continuous Struggle and The Victory     Service  Service Part 1      Service Part 2  

Sunday Service 7/21/2013 (Rus/Eng)(Audio)

                                              Sunday Service 7/21/2013                                  “Dream big but begin to do small things for the kingdom of God by

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Sunday Service 7/7/2013 – (Rus/Eng)(Audio)

         Sunday Service 7/7/2013           “Being in God’s Prensence and Reading his Word will Fulfill our Thirst”                                         Worship  Worship #1 -English   Worship #2 -English/Russian   Worship #3

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