Petr Gaydarzhi

Dedicated to ministry since as young adult in his hometown of Ismail, Ukraine. He moved to America as an immigrant with his Wife Natasha and six-month-year-old Son, Mark. After learning English in a matter of years and an understanding of the law in America, he began his own business and not long after started his church at his sister’s home until they were able to rent a building. He first was a Youth Pastor in Slavic Church in Spokane. Looking for a real genuine move of God in the Slavic Community, Pastor Petr began to follow Sunday Adelaja. Pastor Petr grew and continued to hold relationships with the Slavic Church’s in Spokane and the rest of Washington as well with Ukrainian Church’s which the Pastor Annually visits and tries to support them in their pursuit of God.

Today the Pastor is looking to move toward becoming an American orientated Church, by seeking to save the lost and support God’s mission in America, knowing that he must follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. One step we have taken is becoming a part of the Assemblies of God District of Slavic Church in Spokane.

Leadership Staff

Petr Gaydarzhi

Senior Pastor

Svyatoslav Liashedko

Media Ministry (Online Services,Audio and Video)

Mark Gaydarzhi

Sound Technician, Youth Leader